Streambox Live is an all in one smart box that turns your regular TV into a multi-media haven.

These brilliant boxes have it all. From the latest movies to the oldest TV series. Live TV, sports channels from all over the world, kids channels, entertainment channels and even adult channels (password protected).  All with NO monthly subscriptions.

Streambox Live comes packed full of other exciting and innovative features.

For example it has Air player built in so that you can stream video, music and your photos from your Iphone, Ipad or compatible Android device directly to your TV over WiFi with full HD quality. There are many catch up TV apps from around the world to watch your favorite Television series whenever you want.

Streambox Live uses the internet to stream content, so a reasonable internet connection is needed. We recommend at least a 3 Mbits/s internet connection with no monthly usage limits for the box to work at its full potential.

High and low quality streams can be selected. Up to 720p movies are available in the Icefilms category and 1080p in the Navi-X add-on

Streambox Live will work on any broadband connection anywhere in the world, all you need is a minimum 2 megabits/second (3Mbits/s recommended) and is amazingly portable. So take it with you on holidays, to hotels, camp sites, virtually anywhere there is a TV to connect it to and watch your favorite content 24/7.

Another feature is that you can use them in any room where you have WiFi coverage, so if one person wants regular TV in one room, simply plug it in another room and watch what you want to watch on the second TV.

The hardware is an android and Linux based boxes have been flashed, rooted and pre setup with the best media player in the world, XBMC and comes with our owne App which is simple to use.  We do not own the software, it is open source and modified by us to make your experience as quick, seamless  user-friendly as possible with all the settings and addons per configured.

If you have any enquiries please use the contact form Below.


  1. Don Hurd says:

    Bring it on

  2. Alan Phelan says:

    I have a stream box I bought for the house but don,t know how to work it

    • I think you are looking for a different StreamBox website. I only sell boxes locally in Spain, this is an online instruction manual and kodi information website. Possibly you are looking for stream tv box.

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