Cartoon HD


To Get or Re-Install this addon you need to:

Click this link for a direct download: HERE!!

Have added, to do this: go to system and underneath you will see file manager. click on that and click add source. Then click where it says <None> and type then come down to the bottom and give it a name like xfinity (for example, it can be whatever you want) and click OK. now come back out and go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, then click on xfinity (or whatever you called it), then click XunityTalk-repository. Then come back out untill you see get addons. click on get addons, then XunityTalk Repository,  then Video add-ons, then Cartoon HD and click install. To re-install follow these steps and click uninstall then install again.

cartoon hd main page This addon is great for kids… and dads! You can find almost any cartoon you can think of, as well as super hero movies for the dads. This is the main page, just scroll up and down to what you want to watch.

cartoon hd top movies This is the top movies section, for example. pick a movie or series and sit back.

cartoon hd movie After a few seconds your stream should start playing so heat up the popcorn, turn the lights down and enjoy!


  1. Tyson says:

    I need cartoon hd

  2. uglyduckblog says:

    Is carton HD down at this moment?

  3. TMoney21 says:

    Some are just playing audio and not video. Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas to give you an example.

  4. Dawn says:

    Cartoon hd is not working at all. What’s up?

  5. Dawn says:

    Cartoon HD extra no longer works either. Nothing on it. At all. I will look up that forum.

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