Clarkey EPG (TV Guide)

Clarkey EPG is a FREE alternative to

It is in no way as equipped as ONTapp with less features and less channels. ONTapp is far superior and if you want the same thing there is no alternative. If you are happy with a (mostly UK) TV guide, this is the add-on for you. 

I have not created this add-on. But I do have control over the listings or channels available. I have simply re-skinned an already existing and working add-on. All credit has to go to kinkin, rayw1986 and twinther.

To Get or Re-Install this addon you need to:

Click this link for a direct download: HERE!!


Have our repo installed, to do this: First you need to download our repo by clicking this link: HERE!!!

and put it onto the root of a usb or the desktop of your computer (so its easy to locate later.) Now go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, then Find the usb or desktop and install our repo.Then come back out untill you see get addons. click on get addons, then Uscclarkey, then Program add-ons, then “Clarkey EPG” and click install. To re-install follow these steps and click uninstall then install again.


GREAT add-on to go with this add-on is With the two you will have a full EPG and live TV from the UK including sports and movies. Click this link HERE! then click ‘register’ to create a free WLIPTV account. Get the add-on from our page.


epg loading This is the add-on starting up, please be patient while it gets all the relevant info from the web.

epg main screen This is the main screen of the add-on. you can see the highlighted program has a description at the bottom. Once everything is set up you will be able to click on that program and it will start streaming.

epg multiple addons The first time you click on a channel you will see this menu, or you can access it at any time by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app. Click “choose stream” to continue setup. If you already have a stream setup it will say “remove stream” and you can set it up again.

epg choose strm This is the stream setup page. You can use a .strm file if you want, just locate it on your device and click “OK” then save.

epg choose fav Or you can come over to the favourites tab and use a channel from your list. choose the channel that you are setting up and click “save”.

epg choose addon But the best thing to do is use the addons section, pick a channel from the list of compatible addons you have installed on your device. You will have to do this only once, with every channel you want to stream. (Unless you click the reset database in the addon settings. If you do that all of the data you have saved by selecting addons will be removed!)

epg set up Now the channels are setup click on a channel and it should start to play.

epg stream loading This is the stream opening.

epg stream playing This is Channel 4 streaming.


epg pick channels To edit the channel list, go to the main page of the add-on and access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app, come down to the channels button and click it.

epg channel eddit Then all you need to do is click on a channel to enable or disable the channel. you can also move the order to the channels by pressing left on the channel and it will pop out then move it up or down and slot it back in by pressing right. Remember to click save at the bottom.

epg channel eddited This is the channel list with some removed.

epg mini screen If you click the back button while streaming the picture will zoom out and a preview will be in the corner. Now you can pick another channel or make the channel you are currently watchng full screen again by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app. Remember if something is playing in the corner and you pick another channel, once loaded it will also play in the corner. press ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app to make it full screen.

epg set remind channel You can set a reminder for a program that will be on later. To do this highlight the program and access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app.

epg pick remind Then come down to the remind button and click it.

epg eastenders reminded This is what the program will look like once it is set.  The reminder will pop up on your screen like all XBMC notifications evan if your watching a different add-on. Also it will remind you every time that program is on that particular channel. set Eastenders and never miss a show again.

epg remove remind You can remove the reminder by accessing the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app, and clicking “Don’t Remind”

epg set remind channel Now its gone again!


If the EPG doesn´t load the data may be corrupt or something went wrong on the last download.

To force the EPG to download the data again:

Go to the settings of the add-on then go to the `Reset Database´ Tab. Come down to `Yes, Reset Database´ and select it. you will see a message saying the data will re-load the next time you start the add-on. If the problem still occurs. Go back into add-on settings and change the `File download interval´, under the `source´ tab to `Every Start´ Load the EPG then go into the settings again and change the `file download interval´ back to what you had it on before.




  1. kitty says:

    this new channel guide is great (today) please leave it like this, as has been pointed out earlier in this discussion some days you have to switch to an sd stream because of traffic, if you do two separate guides that would mean switching between guides, anyway thanks for your exemplary work

    • Yes it is a good idea but with adding HD channels and new channels it has made the file bigger witch takes longer to download your end. As long as people like it I will keep it as it is.

  2. Billy Dorney says:

    Great idea, fantastic epg,using the sky one,lovely colours

  3. Billy Dorney says:

    Clarkeys epg gone again, dunno why,ivue is up and running ,no problems,

    • Ivue has there own guide data and I have mine. Mine was last updated on the 1st of April I guess there has been a power cut in my office and because it’s the weekend I’m not there to turn the computer back on. I am updating all guides right now from home. All guides will be back up shortly.
      Sorry about this everybody.
      You can all still watch tv through the guide without the data. Just select the channel like normal. Everyone will need to force the guides to reload in a few hours to get the latest data.
      Sorry again.

  4. Chris D says:

    It’s working on my Firestick although I have noticed I have to keep changing to download data every start as it never appears to do this it I set to every 24 hours.

  5. Chris D says:

    I also have it on a Raspberry Pi and just tried that and it’s stuck on loading data. Tried resetting but no change. I don’t use my Raspberry Pi very often so can’t really say if this is a new issue though.

    • The guide data is updating as we speak so it’s going to be hard for the guides to download if it’s constantly changing. I will post again once they have all updated so everyone can reset database and change the download interval to every start to download the latest guide. The stuck on loading screen will be solved once you reset database and download a full new list. The xtrauk guide has finished but the all channels guide can take 2 hours so please try later.

  6. Chris D says:

    Ok thank you very much for fixing much appreciated.

  7. All guides have updated now. Please reset database and force the data to download again.

  8. kitty says:

    yes guide working again thank you

  9. Billy Dorney says:

    Back up,and thanks,big thanks,makes viewing a pleasure, kinda nice colourful epg too

  10. Billy Dorney says:

    Gone again,not constant,tnx for work ,but giving up on this,fails weekly

    • I have it on in my home right now. It’s working fine. You must have something corrupting the xmltv data in your device if it’s failing weekly. Go to guide settings and already database and change the download interval to every start. Then load the guide again.

  11. Billy Dorney says:

    Did that,working fine now,thank you

  12. Chris D says:

    Mine working fine although I have been finding the data does not update even though set to 24 hours I keep having to force update.

    • That’s strange! You could try leaving the update interval on every start as long as you don’t mind waiting every time you load the guide. I don’t know why that would be happening. The guide on all of my devices and people I know are working as they should.

  13. tom says:

    Nice guide but my problem is it will preveiw channel for split second and goes back to guide.i save but will not launch program

  14. Daniel says:

    Hello my last comment I entered the wrong email sorry. I want a guide where in settings I can select the default stream feed for every channel. And only display channels in the guide that the selected stream can get. Or you can select multiple or all. This is because I have UKTV, USTV now, Phoenix and much more however most of the channels and links in the guide don’t work. All my channels work from LIVE MIX but I can’t find a guide that incorporates this. If someone can lead me in a direction where I can get a TV Guide for LIVE MIX channels only that would be really awesome. I’m only new to it all so still trying to figure it all out 👍Any help appreciated

    • In the guide you can hide channels that you don’t have streams for. Load the guide and enter the context menu and go to channels then click on the channels you don’t want to be shown and the little eye icon will be crossed out, then save at the bottom. You can add all of the channels to kodi favorites and assign them to each channel in the guide. If you want multiple links to the same channel you will have to make your own Addons.ini file and change the guide settings to use that instead of the default one. If you google Addons.ini file I’m sure you will find instructions on how to make one.

  15. bazbailey says:

    Really like the add-on. Simple and easy to use. Any idea why every listing is appearing like Live Fight Night”}, I.e. the last 3 characters are always “},

    • Glad you like it. It happened when radio times updated their ini data a few months back and I can’t seem to stop it from happening. It only happens on channels that I grab from them, (which is most) all of the rest are fine. I’m afraid it’s a small imperfection in a great addon. One day I will figure it out. If anyone out there knows how please let me know.

  16. is streambox live down?

    • No. the guide is fine.
      if you are using StreamBox live add-on with the guide you will now need to set the quality to low. This has happened today and I haven’t had time to look at what’s causing it.

      Go into the context menu of StreamBox live and change quality to low then click ok to save.

  17. ok it appears to have happened on filmon too

  18. Chris D says:

    EPG has not been showing channel info for Sky Sports 1 for some time now is it possible to fix this?

  19. James A. says:

    Finally, a detailed explanation of how to setup a guide. I wish they all were like this. Lol, fat chance. Thanks!

  20. Andy says:

    I’ve just switched from WLIPTV to PlayIPTV (better service and cheaper!). I love your guide, is it possible to configure it to pull in their channel list and EPG so I can use it in Kodi?

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