Genesis has now been replaced with Exodus. You can find Exodus from their repo. Follow the instructions below to install the new and improved Exodus.

To Get or Re-Install this addon you need to:

Have added, to do this: go to system and underneath you will see file manager. click on that and click add source. Then click where it says <None> and type then come down to the bottom and give it a name like fusion (for example, it can be whatever you want) and click OK. now come back out and go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, then click on fusion (or whatever you called it), then click xbmc-repos, then English, then Then come back out untill you see get addons. click on get addons, then Exodus Repository, then Video add-ons, Exodus and click install. To re-install follow these steps and click uninstall then install again.

The images below are Genesis but Exodus user interface is similar.


Genesis main This is the main page. You can choose from movies to tv shows and also channels. The channels section looks at what is on on that channel at the moment and then gives you links to the same movie. It is not live tv.

genesis box office This is an example. We are looking at the Box Office section of the Movies tab.

genesis movie links Click on the desired movie and you will see all the links to that film. Remember that some links go dead so if one doesn’t work, try another. There are plenty to choose from.

genesis playing This is an image of the movie playing.


With this addon you can download, make sure you have a storage location and assigned it to the addon by going to ´video addons´ then highlighting ´Genesis´ and access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app.

genesis menu buton Then go to ´addon settings´

genesis settings then down to ´downloads folder´

genesis download location open it and select the folder you want the downloaded content to be stored and press ´ok´

genesis host selection Next come across to ‘playback’ then down to ‘Host selection’ and change it from ‘Dialogue’ to ‘Folder’. come down to ´OK´at the bottom and your setup.


genesis download progress The link selection should now look like this.

genesis select download Hit ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app and click ´Download video´

genesis confirm download Then you should get a prompt of how big the file is and the file name. If you want to continue click ‘Confirm’

genesis download progress you should get a notification in the bottom right telling you the download has started and again every 10% until it has completed.

Its the same setup for any addon that has the option to download so go through all your addons and set it up for all of them. Once you have set them up you wont have to do it again, unless you want a different download location.

Now to access your Download.

genesis my genesis tab Go back to the main menu and click on ‘My Genesis’

genesis downloads Next go to the downloads tab and in there you will find all the downloads that you have made. You can also del eat the files once you have watched them by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app on the file then clicking ‘Delete’.


  1. Artur Chodkowski says:

    there is a way to show download progress information more often; in order to change, edit file %appdata%\Kodi\addons\\ in line “notify += ” (changing from 10 do 1 means, that after 1% you will get notification);

    • Megas says:

      Hi Artur,
      Your comment helped me a lot. now i can see every 1% update. Is there anyway we can see all the download progress like a download manager or a permanent windows within kodi? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  2. Big bob says:

    How can I add more download host. Because most of mine don’t work and I don’t have many to choose from? So is there a way to add more host. I have the android tv box is what I’m using

  3. Megas says:

    Is there a way to monitor the progress of download , like a download manager or a download window where all the downloads are shown with percentage bar etc.
    Please let me know . Thank you.

  4. Ronnie day says:

    I like this I use it a lot I tried watching the film legend about the Krays but it was a different film any idea when the real one will be on here

    • I have no control over what movies and links are uploaded sorry, I just give people information about kodi and all the best addons. I am aware that that movie is the wrong link, I wanted to watch it myself. I’m sure genesis will fix it as soon as they have a link to the proper film.

  5. Beau says:

    The only host that will load for any movie is “PRIMEWIRE”. What did i do wrong?

  6. curt says:

    Does this also work for Mobile devices?

  7. Craig Donaldson says:

    Can’t get hd on tv programmes

  8. Katherine says:

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂 But I’m having an issue… Whenever I go to play a stream of a movie, it says “One or more items failed to play, check the logs.” Any advice?

    • Sorry to hear that. I know once a link goes dead you will get that message but you should be able to find a live one within the list. If not it could be your internet provider blocking the streams. If not I can’t help you will need to ask the author.

  9. Lizzie says:

    How do we report a movie that has a title to a movie but when we click on the movie it is a low budget movie that has nothing to do with the title of the actual movie ? The movie I am speaking of in general is Daddy’s Home 2015 with actor Will Ferrel . When we click on this movie , a different movie come up .

  10. J says:

    my genesis always says no stream available is there any way to fix that.

    • You might be able to download a later version from super repo.
      Go to file manager and add source the repo is in
      Give it a name and save.
      Then go into system then addons then install from zip, click on what you named super repo and click your version then click all and download the repo. Then find it in your repositorys.

      Maybe the one in my repo is old now.

  11. Robert says:

    I have this on my firestick and just quit working and can’t get no help or a reason why all the others work but not Genesis.

    • Genesis has been dropped. No more updates are going to be released for that addon. The author has released a new addon that is more or less the same called exodus. You can get it from
      I hope this helps

  12. Guillaume says:

    When I click on Movies or TV Shows it says “Working” for about 3 secs and then nothing. How can I get it to show me the actual listings?

  13. Theodoros Pyrillos says:

    in exodus when you download something, is it a direct download or is it like a torrent download? (uploading and sharing the file at the same time as downloading)

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