Clarkey Here are some instruction on specific functions within XBMC.


Make sure you have a storage location and assigned it to the addon by going to ´video addons´ then highlighting ´the addon´ and access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app. Then go to ´addon settings´ then find ´downloads´ or ´download path´or ´downloads folder´ open it and select your desired download location and press ´OK´ come down to ´OK´at the bottom, press that and your setup. Now when downloading a movie or program you need to follow all the steps until you get to the last point before the file starts streaming. Then hit ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app and click ´download´ you should get a notification in the bottom right telling you the download has started and again every 10% until it has completed.

Its the same setup for any addon that has the option to download so go through all your addons and set it up for all of them. Once you have set them up you wont have to do it again, unless you want a different download location.

Now to access your Download.

Click on ´files´ underneath ´videos´ (it might take you to your last video addon, just click back or backspace on a keyboard until you get to files) If you are using a usb as your storage location it should be there automatically and say ´usb0´ or the name of your usb like ´vibatim´ or ´kingston´if not you need to add the folder you assigned by clicking ´add videos´ A menu should pop up, click ´browse´ and find the location you selected as the download path, press ´ok´ then if it hasn’t already give it a name at the bottom and click ´ok´and again at the very bottom. Now when you open the folder you just assigned you should see any files in that location at the moment and the downloaded file when it has finished downloading. click on the file and watch!

Script failed!

This means that an addon is not working. 99% of the time it will fix itself by an update or the web page it’s accessing will become available again. The 1% is normally fixed by removing and re installing the add-on.

Make sure your device is defiantly connected to an internet connection and is working on the device.

Clarkey EPG Not Loading.

If the EPG doesn´t load the data may be corrupt or something went wrong on the last download. To force the EPG to download the data again:

Go to the settings of the add-on then go to the `Reset Database´ Tab. Come down to `Yes, Reset Database´ and select it. you will see a message saying the data will re-load the next time you start the add-on. If the problem still occurs. Go back into add-on settings and change the `File download interval´, under the `source´ tab to `Every Start´ Load the EPG then go into the settings again and change the `file download interval´ back to what you had it on before.


  1. having a issue getting back into my account ?

  2. Can you please Help. Trying to re-new subscription but it wont let us in.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi, I just signed up and was setting up the mag emulator on my android box. Followed the instructions but I am just getting a blank screen when restarting. Any ideas?

    • Hello, make sure the resolution is set to 720 in the settings. Is it the streams that are black screen or is it the menu as well? Also try rebooting your android box leave it unplugged for 2 minutes and try again.

  4. Peter Byrne says:

    Can’t get into to renew my subscription, or find a telephone number for help. Also cannot get any signal it just comes up with try again.

  5. marc worton says:

    Is the still down as i am still unable to extend my subscrition

    • I’m afraid so. The server was hacked and they are implementing new firewalls so it doesn’t happen again. I have been told it should all be back in a few hours. Also everyone will be given 24h added to there subscription for compensation. Sorry about this

  6. If I use the EPG can I watch UK tv even though im in the US? Its hard to find UK tv to watch thats not restricted.

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