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Click HERE for a video demo of the server and features

Once You have downloaded the app, it will need setting up. follow these instructions and you will be watching live tv on your android device in no time. This app is an emulator of a mag 250 set top box. If you have one of these click HERE! for instructions on setting the account up on your device.

HERE!The first thing you need to do is purchase a subscription with the IPTV provider. Do this by clicking  HERE! Pick a package and upon payment you shall receive a login and password, you will need this later.

To use this app you will need a subscription.

Once you have your login and password, open the app and lets get started. If you are using an android set top box then the remote should work for most of the features, if not you can set up remote commands in the settings, you might need a mouse for some parts, but if you are using a touch screen device then you must use the on screen remote.

 Start up the app

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-17-46Click anywhere on the screen and click the 3 lines in the top left. then click on change Profile data.

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-20-06 Next Click on Portal settings.

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-20-15 Lets edit the portal details. To Savvy Tech Next. Click on Portal url.

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-20-44 Here you need to delete the old portal and replace it with http://stalker.webhop.org Once that is done click OK

Exit settings and exit the app. To be safe power cycle your device. (unplug power and plug back in)

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-21-13 Now re-open the app. You should get a Login message. Input your login and password you would have received when you purchased your subscription and click “ok”

Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-19-14 Next you will get a loading page. From now on you won’t be asked for the login codes as your device has been registered on the server and will let you in every time.

Screenshot_2014-08-26-01-53-37 Once loaded the portal should look like this. From here you are able to go into the channels via all or a category and watch them all. including the video club with thousands of movies, boxsets & documentaries that are updated daily plus 4 weeks catchup on most of the channels. You don’t get that on Kodi.

If you are having problems with playback or audio sync issues. click the screen and press the 3 dots in the top right and Change the Mediaplayer to a different one until you find one that works. I find the best is ijk player.

  1. rob wakefield says:

    keeps saying stb is blocked

  2. rob wakefield says:

    It now reads stb is damaged call the provider

    • Try changing the serial number in the settings so something like this: 051013j125662 Don’t use that exact one, but use the same format and same amount of charecters. Also make sure the mac is set up properly. All mag 250 macs start with 00:1A:79 so use the last 6 didgets of your devices mac and add them to the end, for example: 00:1A:79:29:5A:22. Once set up close the app completely or reboot your device and start the app again. Hope that helps.

  3. geeljire says:

    hellow i have a mag250 but it missing full android software, ex: i can’t go to play market roll or it missing! Sow how can i use this to install iptv emulator app

  4. Terry says:

    I’ve paid an iptv provider for a month and they require a mac address and a serial number. Can these be randomly made up (in the correct format) or do they have to be the same as the Android box?

    • They can be made up but remember all mag250 macs start with 00:1A:79 so start with that and the serial numbers of mag250s are 13 characters long. If you look in the comments I have put an example.

  5. What package have you purchased and how much was it?

    • barry curran says:

      Hi,I’ve the €14.95 package…found out I can’t use a set top box with this package….
      Only with the €29.99 package….

  6. barry curran says:

    Hi,I don’t suppose you have any ideas about how to fool the system into seeing my account differently??

  7. Hrvoje says:


    How can I open that app in full screen it is in 4:3 format menu and whole stalker but when I start some program it is full screen (16:9).

    Please Help

  8. That’s a new one on me mate. I didn’t make the app I just make it available for people to use it. Sorry

  9. Damian says:

    Can I use this one for mag 260?

  10. damian says:

    the IPTV Emulator – App link NOT WORK!!!

    • Aptoide have taken it off the site, it says due to intelectual property reasons. So I have changed the link on the page to a direct download. You may need to use a computer and transfer it to your device using a usb or as card. Or try going to this page in the browser of your device and clicking the link it might download and install directly.

  11. ali says:

    plz how to connect the set-top box mag 250 with server web ? , and how to install adobe flash player in the mag 250

  12. Nick says:

    Are you considering an iPhone version of this app?

  13. Paul says:

    Just getting a blank screen when restating after setting up profile. Any ideas. Followed all instructions carefully

  14. Cezar says:

    I have the emulator on my PC and the Mag 250 with a paid subscription in the other room. Can i see my full subscription from the Mag250 on my PC ? And if yes, can both work simultaneously?

    • That depends on the supplier, with some it will work, others will knock one off once you try to watch something on the emulator. I suppose you will have to try.

  15. haydn says:

    will worth ipvstalker

  16. Dan says:

    Do I need to purchase a sub before I use the emulator

  17. william sims says:

    I have a user/pass but cannot enter anything in user/password fields, running on an nvida shield. I can tab through the fields

  18. get cydia says:

    does someone know how to download cydia for my ipad running on ios 8.3?

  19. Simeon says:

    Yes , in the past when the system kicked out the second mag with identical settings until restart and switch off the other one. But now i have cloned all common data on both but they still can recognise it.

  20. Piyush Patel says:

    I have tried for different options for android box. Best is to go for MAG254 box. If you want to go for android box never buy IPTV Express tv service. Best for android box is to buy STB emulator pro from playstore then install with GEM IPTV service. I am using and no sticking or buffering issue. Tested TRONSMART Vega T9 Tv box. This combination is excellent i ever found working. If you want to use free version of STB emulator its fine to but be ready to have some adds banners.
    Tested IPTv Express since long. It was sticky and buffering every minute.

  21. Tony says:

    Hi there, i have a question? I have a firetv stick and I’m using stb emulator for my iptv subcription, but now i wanna know if can use this iptv subcription on my new fire tv? I dont know if its possible, i already try it, but i fail, it says stb is blocked or something like this, maybe i did something wrong . Any advice….

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