IPTV Setup (mag250)

Setting up the Mag 250 or Mag 254 for the Savvy Tech Service

  • 4 weeks catchup on most channels Inc. Movies and Sports
  • Available worldwide
  • Thousands of Movies, Box Sets & Documentaries in the video club that are updated daily
  • Amazingly stable streams
  • Regional BBC channels, inc. one with subtitles
  • Extra sports channels from around the world
  • Easy to follow TV guide
  • Recording feature
  • Radio and so much more
  • No Contracts. Pay as you go IPTV

For more information or to enquire, please click the link to the Savvy Tech website Or why not check out Savvy Techs Facebook Page

Why not give it a go. if you don’t like it you can always go back to your current provider next month.

Click Here for a video Tutorial!

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to connect your MAG 250/254 set top box to the streaming service.

    • Go into inner portal
      Power cycle your box and hold ‘gear’ button on the remote while box is loading. Gear button is in the middle of the second line of buttons, going from the top of remote. Or wait for the “loading portal” message and click “menu” for inner portal.


    • Go into settings
      As you are in the inner portal, press ‘gear’ button on the remote again to get into settings menu.
      Note: There is a settings menu gear icon in the portal also, this is the wrong menu. You need the one that is accessed by gear button on the remote


    • Select ‘Servers’ option


    • Type stalker.webhop.org into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field
    • You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote)


    • Select and press ‘OK’ button to save the changes


    • Power cycle your box
      Now your Mag will load up the Savvy Tech portal


    • Login and Password
      Upon payment of your subscription you will be sent a login and password that is unique to your account. Put this information into the corresponding fields. Click done.


  • Done!
    Now you have access to the channels you subscribed to and will be sent a reminder when your package is due for renewal. 
  1. Mike says:

    Sounds Good. Is this a paid subscription ? If So How much is it ?

    • Yes it is for the mag250 it is 30€ for 1 months viewing. No contract just pay when you want it and let it run out when you don’t. Go to Savvy Techs Website: http://www.usesavvy.com/iptv and purchase a subscription, They will send you a login and password that you will need to put into your box on the first boot up. Follow instructions from this page to get your mag paired up with the provider.

  2. Val Christian says:

    I have a HD ready Hitachi TV I also have sky now I want to connect my MAG 250 box to run through the internet all cables in place but what do I take out the back of tv can i just unplug sky? and do I still require the aerial/dish connected? the mag250 box is all programmed ready to go

    • If you are replacing the sky box with your 250 then yes unplug the cable out of your sky box and put it into the mag250. If you do not want to use your sky box anymore then the dish and box are made redundant and you can take them away.

  3. val christian says:

    Thanks sorted

  4. jassi says:

    if i reboot my device do i loose my subcription ?

    • No the subscription is linked to your account it will remain active for as long as you have paid for. When your box reboots it will boot up into your account and you can keep watching.

  5. Haydar says:

    Dear I Need help
    My Mag250 dosent show the Optional choise under Servers menu! (becauz of the prvious installation of the Image)
    Please give me a suggestuion how to make Changes so I can see the optional alternative ?
    Thanks alot

    • Sometimes you need to ref flash the box if it has been flashed with a dhcp booting option. Witch does not give you options to change the portals.

      One thing you could try is:
      Unplug the box,
      Hold down menu on the remote,
      While holding plug box back in,
      Keep holding and after a few seconds you could see a bios menu,

      Go to boot mode and change it to nand, or try nand2,

      If that does not work,
      Come down to def. settings,
      Press right,
      It will say wrong image then go back to previous screen,
      Come down to exit and save,
      Press right,
      It will reboot,
      Hold menu again as it boots you will go into bios again,
      Come down to boot mode,
      Change boot mode from DHCP to nand,
      Come down to exit and save,
      Let it boot up normally and see if you have access to the portals section in the settings.

      If nand does not work try nand2.

      Once you select def. settings it might remove any settings you currently have and make the box difficult to get up and running again. You could change it back to dhcp and it might save the portal because it has been flashed with it. Make sure you have someone who knows how to flash the box in case it needs it.

      • Haydar says:

        Hi Thank you
        I did as you mentioned above but It has not changed any thing.
        It seem that the seller of mine has blocked that.
        Do you have Another suggection PLZ.
        I even tryed with Update MC with Multicast but nothing happened, It gave me a message “Wrong Digital signature”.
        Will be thankful if you give me any suggestion.

      • Wrong signature is a message you get when you try and update.

        The last thing to do is re-flash the box with stock infomir firmware.
        Here is a link to my files:

        Put the correct mag folder onto a usb stick in the root and don’t change the name or sub folders. Put the stick into the back usb slot of your mag and go into bios like I explained before.
        Go to upgrade tools,
        Press right,
        Usb bootstrap,
        Press right,
        And it should flash.
        Wait for the box to reboot and check settings again.

  6. Haydar says:

    Dear StreamBox Live
    I did a you told step by step and It read from the USB until it show this message “Unsupported architecture” than it Went back to ordinary Picture 😦

    What doset mean
    “Unsupported architecture”

    Just now it has this version 0.2.18-r12-250 dated 14 jan 2016

    • I don’t know. I have never seen that message before.

      Did it say updating bootstrap?
      Then image update?

      • Haydar says:

        No It just continued loading until it shows that message with Blue background than Cuts and Went back to usual picure.

      • When you go to usb upgrade then use bootstrap it should ask you to put a stick in if it can’t find one then say reading then if the file is missing or the structure is wrong it will say what the problem is not just boot like normal.

        If you are planning to go to wliptv the best thing I think is to go to the website wliptv.com then to the live support and ask someone there they know a lot more than me and might be able to help you more.

        If not I suggest asking the person you bought the box from originally.

  7. Miguel Angel says:

    After being looking for the solution to my problem of wrong signature , finally found the solution on this page . Thank you very much.

  8. I am now promoting a new server with much better features like:
    World wide coverage
    4 weeks catchup on most channels Inc. Movies and Sports
    Thousands of movies, box sets and documentaries in the video club that are updated daily,
    Amazingly stable streams
    Recording feature

    For more info please go http://www.usesavvy.com/iptv

    Why not give it a go. if you don’t like it you can always go back to your current provider next month.

  9. robyn says:

    Is this english
    canadian tv?

  10. […] IPTV Setup (mag250) | Streambox Live […]

  11. Ali says:

    I will the url portal and login with password. What can i do.

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