To Get or Re-Install this addon you need to:

Have added, to do this: go to system and underneath you will see file manager. click on that and click add source. Then click where it says <None> and type then come down to the bottom and give it a name like fusion (for example, it can be whatever you want) and click OK. now come back out and go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, then click on fusion (or whatever you called it), then click xbmc-repos, then When its installed come back out to the main screen and go to programs, it will be in there. To re-install go to system, then addons then enabled addons, then program addons, then Navi-X and click uninstall, then follow the steps above to install again.

navix home

Navi-x is an app within the set-top box. Here you can find thousands of movies, tv shows and live streams all in one place.

navix main

Go into the navi-xtreme portal and you will see this page. From here you can go into the section you would like. ´Most-viewed 24 hours` is a good choice.

navix most viewed

You can see we are into the ´most-viewed 24 hours´ section. Pick a folder representing what you would like to watch, in this case “Animated Movies.”

navix animated

Find the film or TV show you would like to watch and press OK

navix cars

There you go!

navix 24h

It’s here within Navi-X you will find live streams like Sky Sports and Sky Movies as well as TV programs from all over the world.

navix streambox

We have our owne Navi-X playlist called ´streambox´ from here you can find live tv streams, movies, and 24/7 streams in the ´streambox programs´ section.

We have complete control over what we put on there. We update and check our Streams on a daily basis.

navix exit

To exit the Navi-X add-on you have to press ´Home´ on the remote control then scroll down to ´exit´ and press OK.


Remember you can only download movies or TV programs, not LIVE TV!

With this addon you can download, access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app. Then hit ´download´ Now when downloading a movie or program you need to follow all the steps until you get to the last point before the file starts streaming. Then hit ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app and click ´download´ you should get a box pop up click ´download´ again. Now it should ask you for the download path, if the path provided is what you want, great! press ok, but if not click ´browse´ then select a download location and press ok. Then hit ok to start the download. you should see a message asking if you want to download now, click yes if so or no to put it into your download queue for later.

To access your download queue press left (to access the side bar) click on ´downloads´and click on ´downloads queue´ then  access the menu by pressing ´c´ on a keyboard, right clicking on a mouse press the blue button on the android remote or the button with horizontal line on the XBMC app and click on ´download queue´

Now to access your Download.

Press left (to access the side bar) and click on ´downloads´ then come down to ´compleated downloads´ and press ´ok´ pick your file and click ´ok´ to watch.


Click on ´files´ underneath ´videos´ (it might take you to your last video addon, just click back or backspace on a keyboard until you get to files) If you are using a usb as your storage location it should be there automatically and say ´usb0´ or the name of your usb like ´vibatim´ or ´kingston´if not you need to add the folder you assigned by clicking ´add videos´ A menu should pop up, click ´browse´ and find the location you selected as the download path, press ´ok´ then if it hasn’t already give it a name at the bottom and click ´ok´and again at the very bottom. Now when you open the folder you just assigned you should see any files in that location at the moment and the downloaded file when it has finished downloading. click on the file and watch!


  1. The following live streams were updated today 11/1/14

    BT sport1&2
    sky sports 1 2 3 4 & news
    bbc 1&2
    itv 1 2 3 & 4
    channel 4
    channel 5
    more 4
    and film 4

  2. The putlocker processor is down at the moment so no movies hosted by putlocker will be playable. I will post again when they are back up and running.

  3. All streambox programs! 24/7 streams have been updated and are working. And some more added

  4. We are in the process of changing our method of displaying streams within streambox, because navix is such a pain to get onto and edit streams. We are using an XML file so we can edit them from pastbin and will update on your screens automatically.

    It will be much better.

    Also most movies from now on should be perfect quality.

  5. Wendy Rogers says:

    I have the Navi-X add-on within xbmc on a raspberry pi (raspbmc OS) – but cannot get any of the streambox live UK TV channels to load. Am I doing something wrong?

    • No you are not doing anything wrong. Live streams are constantly changing and I haven’t had time to keep them up to date recently. I will get as many as I can back online soon.

  6. Wendy Rogers says:

    Thanks for replying – I did mange to load ITV1 for the first time last night 🙂 TYVM

  7. daniel murray says:

    Is navi x down it was working last night but not today gets stuck on please wait can u help me

  8. sports updated! all great quality.

  9. zabo says:

    i just checked your playlist on kodi all the live channels that are working are in Hd! You Guys rock! Great job! Thanks

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