WLIPTV (Sports & Much More)

Are you fed up with dead links? By the time you have found one that works the program is almost finished?

WLIPTV has the solution for you.

Live TV, One click to watch. No more searching for a working link.  with bonus premium channels (3PM football and premium boxing) UK,  Scandinavian and USA channels are available. 

This is a subscription based add-on. But you get a whole lot of bang for your buck!

You will need to register first before using the plugin.

(This addon is no longer available with a UK IP address)

To get access to the streams please REGISTER WITH THIS LINK You WILL be asked to login when you first use the add-on.

To activate streams click the link above and sign in, or register if you haven’t yet! Click ‘packages’ and add the desired package to your cart. Then click on your cart and follow instructions.

To get or Re-Install this addon you need to:

Click this link for a direct download: HERE!!!


Have our repo installed, to do this: First you need to download our repo by clicking this link:  HERE!!!

Put it onto the root of a USB or the desktop of your computer (so its easy to locate later.) Now go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, find the USB or desktop and install our repo. Once it has finished installing, go back until you see ‘get add ons’. click on “get add ons’, then ‘Uscclarkey’, then ‘Video add-ons’, then ‘WLIPTV’ and click install. To re-install follow these steps and click uninstall then install again.


ntv main This is the main page you will see when you go into the add-on. Pick a channel section. My Channels will only show the channels you subscribe to.

ntv ultimate This is all the categories available.

ntv sports This is the sports section with a screenshot of just some of the channels available.

ntv movies This is the movies section with a screenshot of just some of the channels available.

ntv ent This is the entertainment section with a screenshot of just some of the channels available.

ntv playing This is Sky Sports 1 streaming. Here you can see the quality.



  1. Thomas F says:

    WLIPTV says access restricted when I go to register via your link.

  2. Brian aspden says:

    I am already a member of white lable

  3. Larry says:

    I have registered but I have not received an activation code. I am in the USA…

  4. Marc Worton says:

    I am unable to extend my subscription with white lable told me as i am in spain to go to wliptv.com but unavailable. How can i extend. I have an account and have been subscribing for 3 years.

  5. Tim Parkes says:

    Is the site still down I have had no TV for 24 hours and can’t access the site

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