Our Repo


Get our repo by clicking the link below

Our Repo!!!

install the repo using the “install from zip file”, in XBMC This is how you do that:

xbmc system First of all navigate to the settings section of XBMC and click it. xbmc addons Then come down to the add-ons section and select that too. xbmc install zip Now come down to “Install from zip file” and click on it. xbmc desktop Next you need to locate where you stored the repository. i have put mine on the desktop so its easy to locate, if you are using a android box or ATV it might be best to put it onto a usb and install from there.

xbmc repo Find the repository and click on it.

xbmc repo enabled Finally you shall see this icon in the bottom right. Now you can

install add-ons from our repo.

xbmc get addons To install one of our add-ons, come back out to the

“Get add-ons” section and click on it.

xbmc uscclarkey Come down to our repo and click on that.

xbmc video addons Make Your way down to the add-on type that you want.

xbmc uscclarkey addons Pick the desired add-on and click on it.

xbmc addon install You will see this box pop up. Click “Install”

xbmc addon downloading Then you should see the add-on downloading.

xbmc addon enabled Once it had downloaded and installed you will see this icon at the bottom right of your screen. Now you can head over to the video add ons section of XBMC and start using it.



  1. BobyRed says:

    Script failures on all media in both Streambox Live and Streambox Movies

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