ShowBox – App

To download the FREE movies and series app, go to this page on your android device, click the button below and then click install. 


Please note: If you are using a set top box, You will need a mouse to use this app its all touch screen compatible.

As far as apps go, you can’t get any simpler.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-08-00 This is what you will see when the App start up. Just pick a movie

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-08-26 Once you do you will see this menu. choose quality and language (if available) and click Watch Now to stream or Download to download the file to your device and watch later.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-08-58 This is a movie playing.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-10-04 If you choose to download the movie you will find it in the My Library section under Downloads. You can check the progress pause download, remove and watch from here.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-09-10 The App also has a TV Series section.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-28-34 Pick a series and it will open it up to select a season and episode.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-28-40 Change the season by the tab on the right hand side.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-28-46 pick an episode and wait for it to load.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-28-57 Choose a language and quality and decide to watch or download the file.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-29-17 This is an episode playing.

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-10-35 You can sort the movies by sections

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-10-43 Genre

Screenshot_2014-08-27-02-10-49 and year.

  1. Sam C. says:

    i gotta say this is a really good app. You will never find an app or a website with almost every movie that you want that is FREE! An awesome thing about this app is that there are a lot of movies that hasn’t been released in the movies or on DVD, but that’s not all of non released movies. This is a great app. This app is not just for adults, but for children too. There are plenty of movies for the kids to watch. I suggest this app for anybody and everybody.

  2. I heard it is good so I give it a try

  3. Erick Asiaw says:

    This is an awesome app, will recommend to friends and family.Hope to have the sports version soon.

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