To Get or Re-Install this addon you need to:


Click this link for a direct download: HERE!!


Have added, to do this: go to system and underneath you will see file manager. click on that and click add source. Then click where it says <None> and type then come down to the bottom and give it a name like mashup (for example, it can be whatever you want) and click OK. now come back out and go to system, then add-ons, then install from zip file, then click on mashup (or whatever you called it), then click repository, then Then come back out untill you see get addons. click on get addons, then all addons by mash2k3, then Video add-ons, then Sports-a-holic and click install. To re-install follow these steps and click uninstall then install again.

sportsaholic main This is the main page. You can find all of your sport needs here. The bottom three icons are all live streaming links. Try them all.

sportsaholic k1m05 Here are the channels from one of them. Scroll up and down, find the desired channel and click OK or enter on a keyboard.

sportsaholic pick link You might see multiple links for the channel you want. This is good because some links are better quality than others. Also there is more chance of finding one that works. Pick one and you´re off!

sportsaholic playing A few seconds later you should be watching your team winning the championship.



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