StreamBox Live – App

To download the live TV app, go to this page on your android device, click the button below and then click install. You need to have APTOIDE installed, if you don´t, when you click install, it will ask to install APTOIDE first. Then return to this page and start again.


The app is very simple to use. Here are some instructions, in case you get stuck.

When using the StreamBox Live app, please watch any adverts that play before the program starts. These help to fund the streams and keep Filmon a free service.


main menu   This is the main menu. Use the up & down arrows to pick a category and press OK.

uktv   This is the sub-menu (UKTV for example) Use the up & down arrows to pick a cannel, then press OK to start watching.

itv   Within a few seconds you should be watching your desired channel. When you have finished watching, or if you want to pick another channel, press the back button, pick another channel and press OK.

hold ok on channel   To see the TV guide you need to highlight the desired channel, then hold down the OK button until you see this menu, then click on “Show TVGuide.”

tv guide   This is the TV guide (ITV for example). At the top you will see whats on now, the duration, and a synopsis about that program. If you scroll down the list, you will see whats on for the next couple of days.

add recording   To record a program, hold down the OK button for a few seconds. You will see this menu. Click on “Add to Recordings.” Recordings are available to watch a couple of hours after the program has finished. When you create an account you get 10 hours of storage space. Be vigilant and delete the programmes that you have watched, this will create more space for future recordings. Additional space can be bought in the subscriptions section.

menu   If you press the menu button or the button with three lines on it, you will see the menu. From here you can log in, see recordings and subscribe.

recordings   This is the recordings page. Here you can see the programs waiting to record are at the top with “Accepted” on the right. The recorded programs are at the bottom with “Recorded” on the right. To watch a recorded program, select the recording and press OK. To remove a recording, highlight the program and hold down the OK button for a few seconds, then click “Remove Recording” then “Yes” to confirm.

login  Click on login and you will see this page. If you already have a filmon account then just login. Remember to tick the remember me box. (you need a mouse to do this)

register   If you don´t have a filmon account, click the register button to create one. Put in your email, think of a password and click register (you need a mouse to do this).

subscriptions   If you click on Subscriptions you will see this page. Pick your desired subscription and click checkout at the bottom right. (you need a mouse to do this)

pay  This is the page you will go to if you wish to subscribe to HD or additional recording space. Fill in the form using your bank account or paypal. Your payment details are secured by filmons secure payment site. (you need a mouse to do this)


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